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Muse Stew and Flametet Perform at EulipiaJazz Debut

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 Muse Stew and Flametet Perform at EulipiaJazz Debut


Saturday, April 26th, 2014 – Muse Stew/Flametet

Arlington Center for the Arts Theater


Tickets: $15


Celebrate Boston Jazz Week 2014 in Arlington!


Muse Stew


Scott Samenfeld – guitar, bass, composer, band leader

Susanna Fiore – piano, hand drums and percussion

Karen Gruber – congas, djembe, percussion, violin


Special guests:


Todd Brunel – clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxaphone

Jim Repa – tenor and alto saxaphones


Muse Stew began playing around Boston in 1990. It is dedicated to the music of founder and leader, Scott Samenfeld. The group has produced two CDs “Crossings” (1996) and “Live at the Zeitgeist Gallery” (2004). For this concert it will expand to include several guest performers and will be performing an eclectic program of original compositions.  For more information:




Kit Demos - bass, analog microtonal synth

Pandelis Karayorgis - pianist, composer

Charlie Kohlhase- alto, tenor and baritone saxophone

Jeff Platz- guitarist, composer

John Mclellan – drums

Todd Brunel -clarinet


The Flametet is a jazz-improvisational group lead by bassist/composer Kit Demos features some of Boston's leaders in the genre. They have just released a new recording titled A General History of Flame: Click Here


Ivy Demos


My aesthetic and process is akin to that of the improvisational musician, a result of childhood jazz studies. Radiant with kinetic energy, the images are sublime yet challenging, often constructed of mixed media and found materials. Each piece is a kaleidoscopic storm of color, metallics and texture that appears to pause for your consideration.
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 Click on the image to see more of Ivy's work



The second concert in the series – Sounds of Swing Orchestra


Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 – Sounds of Swing Orchestra

Arlington Center for the Arts Theater


Tickets: $15


The Sounds of Swing Orchestra has performed throughout the Boston area for over 30 years. Once a working band, it has mostly been a weekly “rehearsal” band for the past decade or so which has allowed it to focus on playing more contemporary charts along with the best of the traditional tunes. There are several writers in the band and it will be featuring the band's original compositions.





The EulipiaJazz 2014 Concert Series is funded in part through a generous grant from the Arlington Cultural Council.