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Muse Stew has been playing in the Boston area since 1990.  This is the area for the music of Muse Stew.




Crossings - 1996



Scott Samenfeld - Bass Djembe, Musette

Sue Capestro - Piano

Karen Gruber - Djembe

Bill Case - Trumpet

Live at the Zeitgeist - 2004



Scott Samenfeld - Bass, Guitar

Susanna Fiore - Piano

Mark Mullins - Turmpet

Deb Lempke - Djembe

Dan Zupan - Saxes

Melanie Howell - Baritone Sax, Flute


Rehearsal Takes - Trios and Quartets

Razzmatazz (1972)

Razzamatazz performed throughout the New England area back in 1972 at clubs like Sandy's in Beverly, The Cabaret Club on Landsdown St., Pooh's Pub in Kenmore Sq., and the Performance Center in Cambridge.




Scott Samenfeld - Electric Bass, Guitar - Composition

Jason Miller - Saxes

Bob Brandon - Piano, Composition

Victor Smith - Drums

Galen ???? - Vocals

David ???? - Guitar and Electric Bass, Composition

Trillium (1974)

Trillium was an improvisational jazz trio.  We performed at all the great old clubs like Michael's Pub and the 1369 Jazz Club in Cambridge back in 1974.  This recording is from a live performance on WBUR.




Scott Samenfeld - Bass

David Kulik - Drums

David Scholl - Sax

Other Archive Recordings

Archive recordings.


"A Night at the Apollo" - Poetry and Music - Recorded Live in the Forum at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University - Feb. 1993


Scott Samenfeld and Peter Enblom - Duets recorded around 1988 at Ungerground Studios, Scotch Plains, NJ

Sound Of Swing Orchestra

The Sounds of Swing Orchestra


Music from the 2014 EulipiaJazz Concert Series

June 10, 2014 at the Arlington Center for the Arts